Wedding Dress Shopping During the Pandemic

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Due to the spreading pandemic COVID-19, we all are facing social distance, isolation, uncertainty, and inconvenience. People are forced to postpone all their functions, and nowadays, special functions need approval from the concerned people. This situation demands to conduct wedding ceremonies are in a very minimal way, including a few members of the family. These procedures and formalities are reducing the spread of the pandemic. It’s important to obey all these rules when we plan for a wedding.

Wedding shopping has become very difficult in this situation, Many brides were looking forward to the wedding dress shops reopening while the city was under lockdown. It’s understandable if you’re feeling nervous about wedding dress shopping during COVID-19. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process of planning your wedding, particularly shopping for your wedding gown; it just means you’ll have to think about a few things and do a little more planning.

1. Book Your Appointments
This pandemic condition necessitates the use of appointments. Vintage Blossom Bridals is offering virtual appointments during the lockdown, where you can customize your dream wedding dress online. Discussions, sketches, measurements, etc. will be done through video calls.
And the wedding dress will be shipped to your doorstep. “Shipping available in India and Abroad “.
And don’t worry about alterations, as any alterations will be undertaken.

2. Know Your Budget
Everyone has a budget to stick to, and your wedding gown budget is no different. This is crucial these days because it helps the bridal consultants to find exactly what you want at a fair price.

3. Do Some Research
Spend more time researching since shopping during a pandemic is very different from normal wedding dress shopping. Bring a few pictures of wedding dresses and gowns instead of relying exclusively on the designer and consultants. The aim is to give the staff at the store a better understanding of your likes and dislikes. You may also request that the dress be customized by the designer. At Vintage Blossom, we provide you customized wedding dresses according to your requirements.

4. Know the Delivery Dates
Inquiring about delivery dates before leaving a wedding dress shop during a pandemic is the easiest way to avoid unexpected visits. Vintage Blossom, the Bridal Wear Store in Trivandrum, provides you with a delivery date estimate.

Lastly, when you visit any wedding shop, please do wear a mask, use sanitizers, and do follow the guidelines provided by the shop itself.

Visit our website or contact us (+91 6238931660 / +91 8921531602) for assistance. We provide a secure environment for wedding shopping.

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