The New Normal: Online Customization of Wedding Dresses

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While the entire world is quarantined, the wedding industry is getting together to do what it does best: offering inventive solutions to unforeseen situations. Because you can’t put a lockdown on Love & Weddings!

At Vintage Blossom, the Custom Wedding Dress Store in Trivandrum, we have taken several steps to safeguard our clients’ safety and turned our focus to offering new online services. When the bride-to-be has a clear concept of the type of wedding gown she wants, online customization is easy.

Only a few steps remain before your dream wedding gown arrives at your door!

1. Book an Appointment

Virtual meetings have proven to be feasible and convenient, with high client satisfaction, that provide a unique set of advantages over traditional face-to-face meetings, particularly in terms of convenience, logistics, cost-effectiveness, and safety nowadays.

Call/WhatsApp for scheduling your virtual appointment. Ph: +91 6238931660

2. Tell Us About Your Dream Wedding Dress

Prepare to discuss your wedding timeline and preferred dress style with your bridal consultant. Knowing what styles you want ahead of time will help speed up the process and increase your chances of finding a dress on the day of the appointment. Discuss about your ideal gown via video call. Choose from an exclusive range of laces/fabrics from our E-catalogue.

3. Sketches & Measurements

Sketches are prepared and measurements are taken through video calls. Our designers will instruct the bride on how to take measurements. Based on the discussion, a drawing will be created and sent to the bride. Let’s get creative with Your Vision!

4. Shipped to Your Doorstep

Vintage Blossom provides doorstep delivery, which is important these days. The wedding gown will be delivered to your home. “Shipping is offered in India and Abroad.” Don’t worry about alterations, as any alterations will be undertaken.

The bride does not need to be overly concerned and stressed about her wedding gown. Vintage Blossom offers you the best online shopping experience. Our in-house experts will take care of any small modifications, and the dress will be fitted and perfected as needed.

Visit our website or contact us (+91 6238931660 / +91 8921531602) for assistance.

Make Your Wedding Day Most Memorable, by being a Vintage Blossom Bride!

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