Wedding Trends We Can Expect To See In 2023

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Getting married in 2023?  Here is all the information you require to have the ideal day. After two years of uncertainty, there are more weddings being postponed than ever, and some fantastic new trends are emerging. By following the advice below, you can start organising your wedding right away and make it unique.

Bright Dresses

Your gorgeous wedding dress is the first step in every wedding day preparation. Wedding attire from 2023 is whimsical and unorthodox. Wave farewell to pastel colours and the white dress. A growing number of couples are choosing bold colour choices that perfectly capture their personalities.

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Mismatched bridesmaids’ & groomsmen dresses

In the future, couples will use wedding parties that reflect their real-life friendship groups for bridesmaids and groomsmen. The ‘flower girls’ will add color to the party, and we can expect to see more of them in 2023. No matter what gender you belong to, you can coordinate your big-day outfits in color and style, making the event more inclusive and friendly.

In recent years, bridesmaids have increasingly opted for matching dresses in different styles. After a few steps further, there are some expectations for a more mismatched and chic aesthetic to emerge in 2023, with bridesmaids wearing all different types of dresses, including colors and patterns.

Sustainable Customs

Recycling flowers is one of the most environmentally friendly customs, since it promotes a clean atmosphere. Organic food served to guests during a wedding reception is another practice that is expected. Traditional flower throws or table treats made of plastic bottles can be replaced with recycled decor to minimize waste.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are growing in popularity because they give couples who live nearby the chance to have their ideal vacation while also offering them something special and life-changing. There are many stunning places in the world where you might hold your special day.

Digital Save the Dates

Couples have shifted to electronic save the dates to save money and paper. Even though many couples have switched, they still frequently choose to send out invites on paper. While invites can be the more formal, exciting option, save the dates are typically considered as the more informal initial wedding announcement. Since many provide a direct link to the wedding website where guests can replying.

Unconventional Wedding Bands

Diamond rings or bands are no longer popular among many couples. Couples are choosing more distinctive, personalized rings with a choice of hues and shapes now that there are so many possibilities readily available.

Bye to Gifting Culture

The traditional gifting culture will change entirely. Wedding registries are gradually changing away from a wish list of desired household things and toward experiences or charities. Nowadays, a young couple may choose donations to their favorite charity or travel funds over unnecessary gifts.

Non-fondant Cakes

Any wedding’s cake serves as the focal point, so doing everything you can to make it seem stunning is crucial. Compared to cream cakes, fondant cakes are far more aesthetically pleasing and lasting.  Fondant cake is sweeter as compared to a cream cake. However, there are various fondant-free cake options available on the market if you want to save money and minimize waste.

The next time you’re organizing a wedding, keep this list close at hand and use it as a resource to help you come up with the greatest ideas. And keep in mind that there are many more trends happening every day, so keep an eye out for ones we didn’t list.

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