How to Coordinate Your Wedding Look With Your Partner

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Coordination with your partner not only improves the quality of the photos but also makes you appear in sync as a couple. Unbelievably, it does foster a sense of community that even your visitors can perceive. So, here are some other methods to coordinate your wedding attire and look your best on your special day!

  • There are a lot of ways to coordinate your dress with your significant other, such wearing complementary colours, selecting the same fabric, or selecting complementary colour combinations.
  • Another great technique to participate in this synchronization activity is to match your outfits to your wedding decor or wedding theme. It’s crucial to select various colours from the same colour palette or incorporate related colours in distinctive ways.
  • The groom can also accomplish this by incorporating the bride’s lehenga colour into his accessories, such as a tie, pocket, waistcoat etc. It is a tried-and-true method of making sure that the bride and husband look as though they belong together, which encourages the ceremony’s “made for each other” sentiments.
  • Another enjoyable method to match is through floral embellishments. One of the flowers from your bouquet can be used by your companion and placed on their collar.
  • Choose the pastel versions of different colours if you still like them. In practically every colour, they complement one another well. Choose subdued yellows, fluffy pinks, lovely teals, cherry hues, and more. Together, they always make a statement.
  • The groom should be the one to add the element of colour to their wedding for a golden bride. Brighter hues such emerald green, navy blue, or deep reds are better choices for the groom.

When deciding how you and your spouse will dress for the wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider your wedding’s overall aesthetics first. Do you want to look formal or casual? Once you’ve decided on the general vibe, you may begin to limit your options for attire, hairstyles, and makeup.

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