How to Keep a Wedding Dress from Turning Yellow?

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Your beautiful wedding dress was probably left in a closet or storage space after the ceremony. However, there are drawbacks to storing your stunning gown in such places for an extended period of time. A consequence of this is yellowing.

Why Do Wedding Dresses Turn Yellow?

After being stored in storage for a long time, wedding dresses, especially vintage wedding dresses, usually develop fading. Primarily as a result of exposure to sunshine and other lighting, your gown turns yellow. Over time, this exposure will cause the delicate fibres of your gown to gradually change from their original white hue to a light shade.

The original fibres of the fabric may turn yellow over time if they start to deteriorate due to poor quality.

Even you might encounter phenolic yellowing if you carefully place your clothing in a plastic garment bag. Phenolic yellowing is caused by a chemical reaction that happens when the chemicals in the plastic garment bag come into contact with the fabric.

If you unexpectedly came into your vintage wedding dress and it has yellowed, there are a few things you may do to bring it back to its former glory.

Can you make a yellow wedding dress brighter?

Choose the Reputed Wedding Store

The first thing you should consider when purchasing your wedding dress is quality wedding gowns from a reputable bridal store. Vintage Blossom offers one of the best White Wedding Gowns In Trivandrum, Kerala, Tamilnadu. We use premium laces, fabrics and rich work on all our products. We make our BRIDES look like a PRINCESS on their special day!

Take Necessary Actions Right After the Use

Within 24 hours of wearing the gown, take it to your dry cleaner; if this is not possible, make arrangements for a reliable person to take it there. Ask your laundry cleaner to get the bridal dress ready for storage. The majority of launderettes have access to acid-free tissue paper and cartons. To avoid fabric-on-fabric friction, wrap the gown in tissue paper, stuffing the paper between the sleeves and any gaps. Keep your item in a cool, dry location.

Try to Properly Wash at Home

If the care label indicates hand or machine cleaning is suitable, start by applying the mixture of mild liquid laundry soap and lukewarm water to the dress with a clean cloth or just a toothbrush. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the stains. By using a cloth stain remover to the afflicted areas and rubbing with a damp towel, the discoloration can be eliminated even more.

Look for Professional Cleaning

Find a trustworthy dry cleaner that will take good care of your priceless white wedding dress and, more importantly, is experienced doing so. Once more, choose quality over cost; you need a dry cleaner who uses traditional methods and respects the fabric fibres of your dress, not a cheap dry cleaner who could be quicker but cannot ensure a satisfactory result.

The cleaning professionals recommend that you store your outfit safely after it has been cleaned. Stains that are invisible to the naked eye may appear on the dress due to liquids, oil, or food. If these stains are not properly removed, they may become persistent.

Periodic clothing inspections are needed when storing wedding gowns. Every year, take your clothing out of storage. Look closely for ageing, mildew, holes, stains, and discoloration in the gown. Have a qualified dry cleaner fix any damages.


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