Should You Rent Your Wedding Dress? Pros & Cons

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Everyone has the dream of being the centre of attraction at their own wedding. You’re the star of that day, and you must wear what you wish to wear. Choosing the best wedding attire is a difficult task, but there are many options available to help you find your dream gown or saree. While many brides opt to purchase their wedding gown, some are forgoing the lifetime commitment to a dress they will only wear once.

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Pros and Cons of Renting Your Wedding Dress

You can save money and simplify the process of garment buying by renting a bridal gown. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of renting your wedding dress before making your decision, though.

Pros : If you like to keep outfit costs to a low or don’t consider your wedding gown to be a priority, renting may be a terrific option. You might be able to wear that luxury dress you want to wear but can’t afford to buy if you rent it.

No matter how wonderful the occasion, for some people it just doesn’t feel fair to spend a lot of money on apparel that will only be worn once. In addition to the price, you might not want to handle the logistics of preserving, cleaning, and storing a dress after the wedding.

When you need a gown immediately, wedding dress rental companies can come to your rescue. Due to the lack of customisation, rentals can provide you with a significantly quicker turnaround time if your wedding date is drawing near and you don’t have much time to search around, make an order, and get fitted for your dream dress.

Cons : Dress rental don’t offer a completely ‘Custom experience’ because they have already predefined gowns or sarees. You can choose from wider collections when you buy your gown from a boutique. So customization is not an option if you rent your gown. Additionally, you can have the dress permanently adjusted to fit you properly and change other aspects to suit your preferences, such as the colour, length, or additional beading. If you rent, you’ll be one of many brides wearing that exact style around the world, and you’ll miss out on the experience of customising a piece to be uniquely yours.

Your wedding dress is the most precious one than anything, remembering the time of your wedding, the feel everything you can feel from that dress after years. Moreover, you can pass your dress to your children and make them cherish.

If you’re renting a wedding dress on that days, then you’ll likely to get that just before the day how about if the dress is damaged? , or iit’s not fitted?. for many brides, the stress of waiting until the day of the wedding to see or try on the dress isn’t worth the cost savings. By renting the dress in person before trying it on, or by paying for an extended rental so that it comes a few weeks before the wedding, you can reduce this tension to some extent.

Fees for renting a dress can add up rapidly. If you’re behind schedule, you might have to pay more for shipping, insurance, and late penalties. Additionally, you run the danger of having to cover any losses. Your wedding dress may experience a variety of problems on the big day, including wine spills, lipstick stains, torn hems, and busted seams. While small problems are normally covered by insurance, brides are typically liable for the dress’s cost if there is any severe damage.

You can see now, there are many disadvantages you will meet if you rent a wedding dress for your bid day. Buying your own dress has lots of advantages as discussed above. Vintage Blossom is the best designer boutique offers Online Wedding Gown Customization in Trivandrum to buy the designer wedding attires for your big day.

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