Shapes of Wedding Bouquets: A Complete Guide

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Your bouquet plays a crucial role in completing your bridal ensemble. Bouquets can be anything from multi-hued and uneven to monochromatic and flawlessly circular. But when executed properly, they all work to both accentuate the wearer’s wedding-day apparel and provide guests a quick glimpse at the remainder of the day’s decorations.

Your bouquet will flawlessly complete your bridal outfit if it is carefully chosen.

How do you do it correctly?

Let’s examine the various shapes of wedding bouquets to determine which one is the best fit for you.

One of the best bridal boutiques in Kerala, Vintage Blossom offers custom-made wedding attire that is individually created for your tastes and ensures that your wedding appearance is completed with the appropriate bridal accessories. When choosing a bridal bouquet, consider what shape is best for the style of your wedding gown. There are different shapes of bouquets are available in the market.

Asymmetrical Bouquet

An off-center triangle-shaped arrangement with flower spikes growing from one side but not the other. Typically, asymmetric flower arrangements utilize fewer flowers and appear more open.

Pageant Bouquet

The Pageant Bouquet resembles the ones that our beauty queens wear in our culture exactly. Flowers and leaves lie on the arms as it is held in one hand. It often has a tall stem and is ideal for a more opulent and contemporary wedding reception.

Round shaped Bouquet

The term “posy bouquet” also applies to the round bouquet. The stems are clipped to the same length and tightly linked together, and the flowers are often rounded in shape.

Pomander Bouquet

Pomanders are spheres or balls of flowers carried by ribbons and are a unique bridal bouquet choice. Although the pomander, also known as a kissing ball, can appear romantic and youthful on a bride, it is more commonly used on bridesmaids or flower girls.

Hand-Tied Bouquet

It describes a bouquet made by holding the individual flower stems in one’s hand and arranging them into the desired arrangement. The florist connects the stems together once the bouquet is finished.

The wedding designer will consult with you to determine the best shape of bouquet that is appropriate for your outfit and skin tone, so it is preferable to choose your bridal bouquet from the bridal shop in Kerala rather than ordering it from a different store or flower shop.  Give us a call at +91 62389 31660 for appointment.

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