Why Do Brides Wear White?

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Have you ever dreamt in bridal attire? Yes of course! White gown with a long veil and a handful of flower bouquets is an all time wedding dream of any girl. Moreover Christian tradition seeks for white and light shaded bridal attires as it represents the purity of the bride. However, being a bridal queen is an elegant moment that every girl is waiting for.

Having a wedding with all-white attire cuz…

It stands out… Most guests are aware that it’s polite to avoid wearing white at a wedding because only the bride should do so. You can pretty much guarantee that no one else will be wearing the same thing as you at your wedding if you choose to wear a white bridal gown.

It’s conceptual… White is frequently connected to tranquilly and new beginnings. It represents pleasure and joy in western cultures, and the bride’s innocence, purity, and compassion are reflected in her choice of a white wedding gown.

It’s bridal… You will surely feel like a bride when you capture a sight of yourself in your wedding gown. Nothing beats a stunning white wedding gown to make you realize you’re being married.

A Synopsis of the White Wedding Dress’s History

White gown would never go out of trend because it is the most preferable classic wear of any bride from the year 1840’s. Traditional western families would only wear the pure white gowns because they consider it as the symbol of simplicity, elegance and style.

The significance of the color white gives up the meaning for the white gown too. A white wedding dress symbolizes the Perfection, Goodness, Purity, Light, Virginity, and Chastity as well as the Innocence of a bride. The color Ivory also signifies the same meaning as the white do, as it is a slight variation of the color white.

Before the 20th century, a wedding was not synonymous with a white gown. Regardless of color, every bride tried a variety of colors. Different colors were chosen by those who wanted to have their wedding to have a streak of warmth and life. The practical reason to avoid wearing white is that it would get dirty more quickly than other colors.

In the year 1840, Queen Victoria on her wedding stepped in white gown which had gone viral throughout the world. She looked stunning and elegant wearing such a pure shade. She is the person who brought the idea of wearing a white as a bride, and it has been followed even today.

However there are two reasons behind her attire. One is to support the lace trade by wearing a hand-woven dress. Second is to present herself as a simple wife to her husband rather than showcasing her wealth and rich monarch.

Although she is a path to white attire it seems expensive as well. Due to this reason many women went on trying other shades moreover, white could not be used as a daily wear.

But after the Second World War, the dress materials became affordable and many realized the significance of wearing white dresses. Since then, white dresses have grabbed the norm for western, and more specifically, Christian wedding rituals. This is the reason why the White attire is the bridal signature even now.

Since wearing white at your wedding is customary, most brides eagerly await the chance to wear a stunning white gown. It is totally up to you if you choose to wear a different color; it is not required.

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