Wedding Dress Sleeve Styles All Brides Need to Know

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Wedding gown sleeves range from strapless to long sleeves and everything else in between. Choosing the right sleeves for you is determined by your personal style. Here we explain the most popular and user-friendly wedding dress sleeve styles offered by Vintage Blossom so you can get an idea of the looks you like before trying on bridal gowns!

Cap Sleeves

These sleeves may appear cutesy in the traditional sense, but when done with an illusion neckline or soft lace, they’re a chic way to add stability and coverage. A cap sleeve should only cover the shoulders and should not extend all the way under the arm.

Short Sleeves

These sleeves are a classic style for weddings in warmer weather and are extremely versatile. They provide full shoulder coverage, go all the way around the arm, and have a generous range of motion, similar to a short sleeve shirt or blouse.

¾ Length Sleeves

The quarter sleeve has made its way back into fashion season and creates a modern (and sometimes dramatic) look depending on the fabrication. A soft tulle sleeve will have a different feel than a structured 3/4 lace sleeve.

Long Sleeves

While some church venues require sleeves on the bride’s dress for the ceremony, long sleeves are a popular choice because they add a formal feel without being too much. They have become a hot bridal trend on the runways, whether worn to create a vintage vibe or a sexy silhouette.

Juliet Style Sleeves

Technically, this is a fitted long sleeve with a gathered puff at the shoulder. It’s a romantic style reminiscent of Renaissance fashion and Shakespeare.

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves have made a huge comeback in recent years. We are still drawn to puff sleeves despite all the things they represent: power, virtue, and romanticism. A puff is fitted at the bottom of the sleeve around the arm with elastic or a band to keep it in place in the short-sleeved version of the Juliet sleeve. When done correctly, this style is youthful and looks great in a lighter weight fabric.

Butterfly Sleeves

Butterfly sleeves are, as the name implies, short and loose flowing sleeves set at the top of the arm with little to no coverage underneath—they flutter! Butterfly sleeves, which were previously only seen on bridesmaid dresses, have made a comeback in bridal.

Bell Sleeves

As seen on the most recent Bridal Fashion Week runways, bell sleeves have emerged once again as a top trend. These sleeves flare out toward the wrist, giving them a very dramatic appearance and feel. Although most are long-sleeved, bell sleeves can also fall at the forearm or elbow.

Bishop Sleeves

These long, loose-fitting sleeves come to a tight cuff at the wrist, creating a flowy, whimsical effect. The Bishop sleeve has remained popular with bohemian and relaxed-styled weddings, retaining a sense of romance that brides fall in love with again and again.

Poet Sleeves

Poet sleeves, also known as flared or bell sleeves, are feminine and romantic while maintaining a youthful feel. These look great in soft lace or sheer fabrics.

Set-In Sleeves

The term “set-in sleeve” refers to a sleeve that is literally part of the bodice—there is no seam to separate each sleeve from the rest of the dress.

Raglan Sleeves

This modern style is more common in contemporary fashion than in bridal, but minimalist-style designs have been known to incorporate some unique elements, such as a raglan sleeve. The seams run from the underarm to the collarbone.

Tulip Sleeves

This short sleeve is inspired by the look of a tulip and is created when fabric wraps over itself at the top of the shoulder. These sleeves are more common in bridesmaid dress styles, but they can also be used to customize a dress to provide more coverage while adding a romantic touch.

Spaghetti Straps

These dainty details help support the bodice without actually covering the shoulders. They are easily added and removed and can be embellished to match the dress.

Bold Sleeves

Ever since Kate Middleton debuted her iconic long-sleeve wedding dress a decade ago, sleeves have made a huge comeback in the bridal fashion space (after being pushed aside for strapless and sweetheart necklines throughout the early 2000s). Now they’ll continue to trend into 2022, but instead of tight lace sleeves, billowing and voluminous styles will be two of the biggest bridal trends of the year. Prepare to see a lot of oversized, ’80s-inspired moments, like puff sleeves and angular shoulders. If you’re unsure about diving headfirst into this bold trend, bishop sleeves—sleeves that are loose for the length of the arm and fitted at the wrists—are a more understated option to try instead. Depending on the rest of the gown, bishop sleeves can give off a boho or classic vibe.

According to 2022 bridal trends, all bold sleeves such as bishop, puff, flared, and poet sleeves will make a comeback.

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Like other women’s dresses, wedding gown sleeves come in a variety of cuts, patterns, and names to help you identify them. Now you have options to figure out the ideal one for you. Connect with our talented designers to convey your ideas regarding your dream wedding gown!

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