The Do’s and Don’ts for Bridal Accessory Selection

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Your wedding day is for you to be the center of attraction. Everybody should feel like ‘wow’ with your overall appearance. Though your outfit plays an important role in your bridal look, the perfect accessory selection also helps in grabbing the finishing. Therefore it must feel simple and suiting.

Here, Vintage Blossom being the Top Bridal Wear Shop in Kollam, offers you the best set of accessories for your perfect bridal look along with the bridal outfit.

The following are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when choosing the bridal accessories.

1. Opt for Simple

Be simple with what you wear. Simple accessories would improve the elegance of the bride. Your accessories should not wash away the beauty of your dress. The gown and the accessories must complement each other. Other than getting attention to your jewel your gown should catch the eye.

2. Choose Matching Metal

Never spoil the look with too many metals. Wearing more would look weird. White gold or platinum would be the best choices for a white gown.

3. Pair with Wedding Outfit

Pair your chosen accessories with your wedding gown and see whether it suits you. Never wait for the last moment. The neckline of your dress could convey the type of necklace to be worn. A choker will be good if yours is strapless or sweetheart. If your gown has a high neck then please don’t go for necklaces rather highlight with hanging earrings instead. If you have an ornate neckline then opt for fresh flowers in your hair and a pair of chandeliers or drop earrings. If you have a V neck then a pendant necklace or a choker will be perfect.

4. Avoid Colorful Jewels

Too many colors on bridal jewels would be awkward. You may wear not more than two colors. In addition, it must blend with your outfit. Too many colors would take away the bridal standard. Never use a lot of gemstone colors. It’ll be fine for a nighttime gathering or a reception but not for your wedding.

5. Shop From a Trustable Shop

Shop your jewels from the most trustable shops. A shop that doesn’t have a good reputation might have a chance to cheat us. Ensure that the jewelry is hallmarked.

6. Get Comfortable Pieces

It’s very important that you wear the most comfortable accessories. No one said to wear only the bulk pieces. Just be simple and wear simple. Never give a chance to feel like it’s heavy for your neck. It would be weird while you dance. Thus comfortable jewelry makes the bride happy and pleasant.

7. Choose Simple Pairs of Shoes

Your wedding shoe is the very next choice of attitude. Be simple and choose the accurate one. Remember your whole day, is on that footwear you choose. Never experiment with the foot wear, only go for what you are used to. If you’re not used to wearing heels but would like to wear them for your wedding, please consider doing trials before to avoid becoming uncomfortable.

8. Choose a Veil that Matches the Dress

Try to match your veil with the outfit or else it would look odd. The veil is an important aspect that could improve the bridal attitude. You may choose it long or short as per your wish.

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