What to Wear On Wedding: Saree or Gown?

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The Indian brides are usually unclear about what to wear on their wedding days. This is because we are rich in outfits. Many of them are eagerly waiting for wearing Western, but some are in love with the tradition. But choosing any of them on the occasion seems difficult. Before choosing any outfit, ensure that the costume would grab the attention of the guests. Whatever outfits you wear, they must suit your physic.

Vintage Blossom being the best bridal boutique in Trivandrum offers exclusive varieties of sarees and gowns.

Let’s discuss some factors of sarees and gowns which would help you to make quick decisions.

Wedding Gowns

Western Look

If you are a person fed up with traditional Indian outfits, you must definitely go for gowns that would make you look westernized. This would give a different attitude in front of your guests. As gowns are an internationally accepted dress for women; Indian brides should also try out them.


Gowns are easy to wear and easy to walk around, even to dance. As the gown seems to be a single piece of cloth, it’s been stitched with layers, and it’s wonderfully laid on the body in 1 minute. No more draping or other efforts are required.

Looks Perfect if your Husband Wears a Suit

Remember, you guys are the center of the attraction. Therefore, be planned and stick together with matching outfits. If he is wearing a suit, your gown would make you feel like a princess holding his hands. None of the outfits could compete with the gown if your husband is wearing a suit.

Wedding Saree

A Graceful and Elegant Choice

If you are a saree lover and if it’s your only confident wear in any ceremonies, then only go for a saree. It would boost your elegance and grace. Saree is considered sexy wear which would completely bring out your maturity and feminity of being an Indian woman.

Every Hairstyle will Go

Every hairstyle will go. Saree suits every hairstyle, either it’s modern or traditional. The basic Indian saree is blessed with every hairstyle. Therefore, you can even try any style.


As compared to the gowns, the saree seems to be much more affordable. Saree is only a piece of long cloth and a gown is a stitched outfit; therefore, compared to the tailoring prices, a saree is cheaper than gowns.

Different Styles by Adjusting the Drapes

Saree is something on which we can explore different styles by draping differently. Even in India, we have different draping as we move on to different zones. Therefore, draping styles could change your attitude towards yourself as a bride.

As discussed, both sarees and gowns do have their own way of beauty and comfort. Opt for the best which would comfort you the most. Now it seems easier, right? Then never wait, contact our team soon.

Due to the epidemic, we have made several measures to ensure the safety of our clients and have shifted our focus to new online customizations of wedding outfits. Sketches and measurements can be taken using video calls. We can also deliver your dream outfits right to your door with our doorstep delivery service. Shipping is available in India as well as abroad.


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