Tips Before You Pick Out Your Wedding Dress Color

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It’s quite a task to opt for the right colors that flatter your physic in the way you are. Always keep in mind that you have more options to try out if any of the colors don’t suit you. Never be compelled to take any colors that you feel don’t suit you well. Try for the other options unless and until you get satisfied. Get your honest people with you while you go to the shops. Take sincere suggestions and be unique and pre planned for the ceremony.

Vintage Blossom is the best bridal boutique in Trivandrum, which offers a handful of different shades and colors that would make you look the best on your occasion.

Here are some tips that would definitely guide you to the right shades on your wedding day.

1. Choose According to Your Culture

Different cultures propose different colors for their wedding. Each of them has its own unique ideas. Your culture will be the first reason for choosing your wedding attire. Usually

Christian brides all over the world are fond of wearing a white dress or shades of whites, which symbolizes purity. This represents the virginity of the bride before getting into commitment.

Red is considered to be the most powerful color among Hindus in India, which symbolizes love, and it reflects the goddess Durga. South Indians usually wear a red saree, as well as north Indians, go for lehengas. The deep emerald green is the traditional color of Muslim brides, which reveals the cultural and historical significance.

2. Be Wise with Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone is your asset. Therefore, use it wisely. Some colors have a chance to wash out your whole day only because of the wrong selection of shades. Any shades that you choose must match your skin tone. If you are a light-skinned person, you are really lucky because you have plenty of options to choose from. Your skin would rejoice in the colors you choose. If you are blessed with a neutral skin tone, you may go for bright colors that would flatter your skin very well. Bright colors on your skin would give an impression that you have a light skin tone rather than a neutral one. Dark-skinned brides could go after light and bright shades. The warm side of the color wheel could flatter their skin. Pink and roses would look great. Stay away from dark shades.

3. Consider Your Partner’s Shade

Your wedding day is equally important to your partner because it is the day of promises between you guys. Therefore, get to know your groom’s outfit. Remember, the style and color chosen by them must go with your shades. A bride and a groom must have a matching appearance.

4. Don’t Forget to Match Your Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids make the day of the brides. Therefore, it’s wise to keep them matched with the bride. After fixing the dress of the bride, you can select the color for the bridesmaid. Remember, the bridesmaid dresses must match the theme of the wedding.

5. Give Importance to the Venue

The color of the dress is directly proportional to the location of the wedding. If your wedding is being hosted in a wedding hall or indoor, you may look for fabrics that are not too reflexive because it would be difficult to capture attractive photographs while your attire is too shiny. If the wedding is at church, it’s best to wear whites since it represents the purity of the bride more than any other color.

6. Match with Your Overall Wedding Theme

Your wedding dress must match your wedding theme. Therefore, fix the theme accordingly. Do not give a weird look for yourself without considering the overall theme of the wedding.

The given tips would definitely place you in the right choice. For more suitable shades and ideas, consult our team.



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