Vintage Blossom Got Featured on Manorama Online

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Your wedding attire acts as a constant reminder of that wonderful day.  Brides invest a lot of time and money searching for the perfect wedding attire for their dream wedding, so viewing the wedding outfit will bring back all of those pleasant memories.

Trends change year after year, month after month, and now day after day. Also, the desire to keep up with the latest trends. However, for those brides-to-be, it’s imperative that their wedding outfit comes from a top-notch designer with a fantastic selection and a well-known brand.

Vintage Blossom brings a precise and professional approach to wedding planning and gives you a unique blend of grace, strength, and confidence.

Ms. Preetha Mathew spoke with Manorama Online about the latest trends in wedding gowns and attires, as well as her journey to becoming India’s most trusted wedding designer. In India, she is a well-known designer who specializes in making bridal designs with precious stones and pearls!!

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