Trends and Ideas for Bridesmaid Dresses in 2022

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Wearing the exact identical dresses together is the traditional rule of being a bridesmaid. This is to keep the bride more focused and unique. But nowadays the trend has just become the reverse. Being identical is to be unique and not being the copy.

Here, Vintage Blossom provides a handful of latest Bridesmaid Dresses in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kerala, Tamilnadu that would enhance the beauty and the happiness of the bridesmaid. Given are some of the latest trends that would guide you throughout your friend’s wedding to be a gorgeous bridesmaid.

Choose From Color Palette
Being unique is the thumb rule this year. Usually bridesmaids tend to stay identical. But they lose their uniqueness. Therefore Stay different but in the same family of colors. This is to follow the colors in a color palate. If you plan to wear purple then each of them try different shades of purple. Plan it together so that you will be identified as bridesmaid and also each of them would hold their own identity. In addition you may also choose different shades that have been blended in the overall theme of the wedding.

Wear Printed Dresses
Generally bridesmaid uses plain fabrics to show them identical and elegant. But here comes a new trend of being the cutest among, by wearing printed dresses. Mixing printed and plain dresses with the same color combinations could improve the charm of bridesmaid.

Go For Pastels
Pastel shades can be a good choice for the bridesmaid dresses. These are soothing colors that represents neutrality, and peace. Bridesmaid choosing pastel shades show their elegance and simplicity in group.

Plan for Same Color in Different Style
Since each body suits different styles, the stitch has to be tailored accordingly. Bridesmaid with the same color and different styles would open the eyes of the people on the wedding. Each bridesmaid would look unique, confident and comfortable with what they are wrapped of.

Choose Same Style in Different Colors
Here, each bridesmaid has their own freedom to choose their colors. They would dress in the same style but in different colors. This is a good approach while each bridesmaid has different skin tones. Some of their skin would look washed out while they plan to opt for the same wrong colors. Thus giving a chance to wear the right colors they choose seems very flattering. So that everybody would appear in the best suiting colors on the big day.

Being a bridesmaid seems more enjoyable than being a bride. Since we celebrate more on our friends or cousins wedding, your dress shall also be enchanting. For the gorgeous bridesmaid dress collections get in touch with us soon on +91 62389 31660.

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