“The Parable of the Pearl” – Rich Hand-Worked Bridal Wear

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The pearl has long been associated with numerous concepts in ancient societies, including purity, honesty, wisdom, and so on. When it comes to marriage, wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure that you have a joyful marriage.

Pearls are making a huge reappearance in today’s wedding fashion. Vintage Blossom is launching Preetha Mathew’s new premium collection, “The Parable of the Pearl” – Rich Hand-Worked Bridal Wear which is ideal for brides who want their wedding day to be classic and elegant.

Parable of the Pearl
“An oyster who was not injured will never produce pearls because the pearl is a healed wound.”

“The Parable of the Pearl”, with its rich hand-worked bridal wears in rare freshwater pearls and gems. These ensembles are ornamentally handcrafted in rare pastel tones, with beautiful calligraphic quotes, designed by Preetha Mathew for that bride who wants to look unique & special on her Wedding Day!

The elements of this collection were inspired by the blue sea, the iridescent hue of the sunshine on moving waters, the radiating lines on the oyster shell, the champagne-colored sand, etc.

The use of quality Baroque and Keshi Pearls, as well as valuable gems, crystals, and stones on premium bridal tulle netting and satin, shimmer chiffon, and other fabrics, is the highlight of this assortment.

This collection is a mosaic of different silhouettes and pearl embellishments that treasure who you are! The tambour embroidery technique used makes the bride look iridescent & radiant on her wedding day! This series is for everyone who wishes to commemorate an essential union of love, not only for a specific group or culture.

Vintage Blossom, the Bridal Boutique in Trivandrum, specializes in creating wedding days in a precise and professional manner. Customization of this collection is available in any color & work. We are also taking online orders for our bridal wear, and shipping is available in India & Abroad!

Visit our website or contact us (+91 6238931660 / +91 8921531602) for assistance.

We believe it appears to be the most gorgeous version of you!

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