Wedding Veil: Different Types That Brides Should Know About

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Many brides are undecided about whether to wear a veil on their wedding day. Some consider it ancient, while others say it gives the bride a sense of tradition as well as modernity.

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When choosing a wedding veil that comes with a wedding gown, the main considerations are the style of the wedding gown and the theme or type of wedding, and of course the personal preference of the bride. Once you start buying your veil, you will realize that there are so many styles, shapes, and lengths to choose from just like gowns! Before trying to choose a veil for your big day, make sure you are familiar with your options. While many veil styles can match any form of shades, each type looks stunning when paired with the right gown and hairstyle.

Most Popular Styles of Wedding Veils

You will find that choosing your veil will depend a lot on your outfit and you can save time, energy and money by knowing exactly what your veil pair is.

Calligraphy Veil
Calligraphy Veils comes with names of the bride and groom written or any catchy wordings, and are currently popular. People personalize the veils with their wedding dates and favorite quotes and preserve them as a lovely keepsake of their big day.

Florentine Line Worked Veils
These are a new variation of wedding veils that comes in long or short lengths and include just simple line embroidery in motifs, usually floral design. Vintage Blossom introduced Florentine Line Worked Veils in our newly added “Unicorn Collection”.

Birdcage Veil
A birdcage veil is a short veil with a comb that sits on top of the head and conceals part of the face. It became popular in the 50s, but continues to be a trend today as it is simple, and lightweight. English nets are commonly used to make birdcage veils – these types of nets have large holes. Birdcage veils allow women to add lavish embellishments and touches of shine to their weddings on a simplistic level.

Cathedral Veil
A cathedral veil gets its name from the fact that it’s commonly used at weddings in churches and cathedrals. This veil is about 108 inches long and extends at least a foot behind the bride and is often longer than that. This is the veil of choice for royal weddings, usually adorned with intricate lace or beading.

Blusher Veil/ Drop Veil
Blusher veil is currently known as drop veil. The bride’s face is hidden by a blusher wedding veil until she is introduced to the groom. While it was once worn by brides to ward off evil, it is now regarded as a symbol of simplicity and purity. The length of the blusher veil could be as per the bride’s choice.

Waltz Length Wedding Veil
The waltz long wedding veil is also known as the ballet long veil. This veil falls between the knees and ankles (in the middle of the calf) and the ballet veil is about 45 to 60 inches long. A waltz veil falls to the mid-calf and is an excellent choice for those who want to wear a longer veil for the reception but still want to move around freely throughout the evening.

Elbow length Wedding Veils
An elbow-length veil is an excellent solution if you prefer much more modest look for your ceremony. This veil is about 32″ Inches long and reaches the elbow or the waist of the bride.

We hope our recommendations have been useful! You can reach our professional experts at +91 62389 31660 if you need more information about wedding outfits. We will assist you in picking the right one based on the overall look of your wedding style.

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