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Although the culture does encourage maximalism, contemporary Indian bridal designers have given tradition a new spin. But remain certain that there will always be a stunning design for you, no matter what course you choose to go with your bridal appearance.

Vintage Blossom, the Top Wedding Designer Boutique in Kerala, India, which specializes in meticulously and expertly planning wedding days – The well-known designer Ms. Preetha Mathew excels in creating bridal ensembles with priceless gems and pearls! – must be on your radar.

Preetha has been working with the goal of transforming each bride into a bride full of brightness through the wedding day outfit she wears. Thus was born Vintage Blossom, a business that offers a precise and expert method of planning weddings.

In order to make the bridal so gorgeous beyond compare, Vintage Blossom incorporates the most recent styles and trends.

Unicorn Collection

The Unicorn line by Vintage Blossom is a singular fusion of grace, strength, and self-assurance. The hues are delicate yet regal, and the shapes—like the unicorn—are lovely and straightforward. Additionally, you will look lovely on your wedding day thanks to the unique unicorn selection! And the best part is that we allow you to customize the silhouettes for this collection.

The Ballgown, – The centrepieces of this gown are the 3D hand-embroidered flowers and French needlework in shades of blue and white cut beads, sequence, and pearls.

The blush sheath gown features a hand-embroidered design with pearls and thread work. A glass opal gem neckline and a detachable skirt add to the dress’ unusual and elegant appearance.

The Mermaid Gown by Preetha Mathew has a wedding tulle net overlay, an underlay of pale lilac satin, and rich white leunaville embroidery with climbing roses. The dress has a jewel neckline decorated with Rose quartz and beads and long, flowing elbow-flared sleeves.

The Parable of the Pearl

Present-day wedding attire features a significant comeback for pearls. Preetha Mathew’s newest high-end line, “The Parable of the Pearl” – Rich Hand-Worked Bridal Wear, is being introduced by Vintage Blossom and is perfect for brides who want their wedding day to be traditional and elegant.

The iridescent colour of the sun’s rays on moving water, the radiating patterns on an oyster shell, the champagne-colored sand, and other natural phenomena served as inspiration for the collection’s elements. This collection celebrates your uniqueness with a mosaic of various silhouettes and pearl accents. On her wedding day, the bride appears iridescent & bright thanks to the tambour embroidery technique! This series is intended for everyone who wants to remember a meaningful marriage of love, not just for members of a particular group or culture.

When it comes to seasonality, not all wedding dress fabrics are created alike. If you’re having trouble finding your ideal gown, you might want to think about having your wedding dress designed specifically for you. The biggest myth regarding custom-made products is that they are out of your price range. As the leading Bridal Designer in Kerala, India we will work within your predetermined budget and walk you through all the options so you may create the dress of your dreams without compromising the attire quality

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