How to Explain Your Dream Gown Ideas to the Designers

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A wedding dress is nothing but a reminder of your big day, so always think about choosing that one in the right manner. Although it’s not particularly simple, you can discuss your ideas and designs for your wedding dress with the designer. Before you even met your fiance, you started having dreams about your wedding gown. It’s challenging to put into words the colour, design, material, pattern, and everything else in your thoughts. Only the most talented designer can accurately identify your wedding theme and design your wedding dress.

Wedding designer boutiques are all around the corner, but finding the best is one of the most difficult tasks. Get in touch with the Top Wedding Dress Designers in Kerala to design your dream wedding outfit. Book an appointment and express your feelings about your attire for the big day. Demonstrate your love for your dress in the form of choosing the wedding material, color of your saree/gown, pattern, overall design, and more. It is difficult to express in words. Rather than that, you can show them a picture of the entire gown/saree or the neck portion design, sleeve designs. All of the concepts we are explaining here are well-known, although not everyone is familiar with their names.


It’s very wonderful to start the wedding dress quest! It can be challenging to choose from the many various silhouettes available. We are here to assist brides in selecting the ideal gown! It’s crucial for brides to feel beautiful and secure in their attire. That is when silhouettes can be really useful. The design and style of a wedding dress play a significant role in the entire process.


This skirt’s typical “A” shape is created by the way it flows out from the actual waistline and fitted till the waist. Because it hides the lower body’s parts, such the hips and thighs so best suited for almost all figure types.. Variety of necklines can be introduced to  highlight the silhouette.


The fit and flare silhouette combination of fitted torso till the knee and flares our from the knee to the floor. Sometimes people confuse this silhouette for an A-line. The fit affects the outcome. A fit and flare dress suits best for an hour glass figure and a triangle figure. This highlights a bride’s exquisite form .


Are you looking for a dress that exudes glitz and style? A ballgown is a classic option. Here the upper bodice is fitted and the flare starts from the actual waistline in the form of an open umbrella. This siluette is best suited for almost all figure accept an inverted triangle figure.. The skirt’s flare can feel more romantic the more pronounced it is.


Choosing the type of fabric that you want is a tricky one. Most of the time, choosing a fabric that suits your body type is one of the best options. If you are on the plus size, then go for medium flowy materials such as thick bridal georgette, soft tulle nets, satins. Moreover, if you are thin then go for fabrics like thick duchess satin, semi soft bridal satins, bridal jacquard satins and even raw silk that gives more of a structured look. Book an appointment with the Best Wedding Designer Boutique in Kerala to design your beautiful attire.


There are numerous ways to create a distinctive neckline for your wedding gown. Since they contain the dress’s essence, necklines truly convey the beauty of the entire outfit. Here are some neckline designs that you can use on your dress.

  1. V Neck Pattern: It creates a V shaped look at the front and back of your gown’s neck.
  2. Sweetheart: Creates a heart-shaped bodice and is frequently used in strapless dresses.
  3. Scoop Neck: Gently scoop down the neck to create a U shape.
  4. Straight: This straightforward neckline crosses the bodice directly.

You might change your thoughts about the ideal gown for your special day by considering all of the aforementioned criteria.

Most brides today opt for white wedding dresses for their ideal day. Vintage Blossom the leading White Wedding Dress Designers in Trivandrum, Kerala, TamilNadu are here to design your dream dress in an aesthetic way in accordance with your preferences. We would bring up the complete attitude of any bride through perfect stitching and designs. For more information connect us in +91 62389 31660.

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