Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

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Finding your dream wedding gown is something that you have dreamt about since childhood. But when the time arrives, where do you start?

Choosing the best option can be stressful. It could be more stressful than usual, if a bride has more than one wedding looks, for example, one gown for the wedding another gown for the reception, etc.

Here are some tips for wedding gown shopping, which will help you find the gown of your dreams, with any budget, and personal style.

1. Proper Research
Check magazines, research on Google, explore social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and check what celebrities are wearing for their functions. Find something according to your taste prior to booking an appointment.

2. Traditional or Trendy
Decide which look you want, a classic look or a fashionable and trendy style. Go further according to your preferences.

3. Know your Body Shape
A bride must understand her body type and choose what suits her the best according to her body shape.

4. Choose what type of gown
Once you understand your body type, choose what type of gown suits you, like Ballgown, A-line gown, Mermaid gown, etc. For example, a short girl should go for an A-line gown to make her look taller.

5. Set a Proper Budget
You know exactly how much you can afford to spend on this and how much you need to save. So stay within a budget. Also figure out who is paying for your dress (you, your parents, your partner, or relatives).

6. Convince Family
In Kerala, families are playing a major role in choosing wedding dresses. Show pictures of your dream gown to them, and try to convince them that this is the type of wedding gown that suits you. If possible, make small changes to please your family.

7. Shop Early
Many of the gowns take few months to be produced and once it is done, you still have to make small alterations sometimes. So, order your gown within time.

8. Find the Best Boutique
Finding the best bridal boutique is the major step. Choose stores that are close to you, so you can easily access them for trials and alternations. Consider customer reviews. Go for bridal boutiques that provide custom-made gowns.
Vintage Blossom is one of the best bridal boutiques located in Trivandrum. Vintage Blossom promises you high-end quality materials and offers customization based on your requirement.

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We want to wish you all the best not only with finding the best wedding gown but also with your wedding day itself.

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