Bridal Accessories Checklist for Your Wedding

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From tip to toe, a bride is furnished with unique accessories which make her “the beautiful bride of the day”. This might include ornaments, flowers, shoes, etc. These wedding accessories make her unique and give the complete bridal look. Accessories may differ in culture, religion, countries, etc. In order to ensure that you have not missed anything for your big day, you have to make a checklist.

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Simply go over the list below to get an idea of what you require and what you do not require.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories could enrich the look of your lovely hair. Some of them are a tiara, Maang Tikka, Mathapatti, Passa, hairpins, headdress, and hair brooch. The tiara is a crown that gives a princess look to the bride. Christian brides are more partial to tiaras. The Maang Tikka is placed in the front falling a little on the forehead, which is a Hindu tradition. The Matha Patti is similar to a neckpiece that is worn around the crown which gives the bride an ancient Egyptian look. The passa is worn mainly by Muslim brides, which is worn sideways. The Hairpins could enhance the style of your hair, which is a common way of decorating your hair. The headdress is similar to Matha Petti, but it’s a simpler version of it, which is rarely worn by Christian brides. Hair brooch is very similar to hairpins, but when it comes to having a bun, a hair brooch is the only option to get an extraordinary look.

Bridal Jewellery

Bridal pieces of jewelry put a rich look on the bride. It includes nose rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, belts, anklets, foot rings, etc. The Christian brides go for the simple jewels with their very simple gown as well as Hindu as well as Muslim brides always try to include every kind of jewelry because it is a matter of their tradition and culture.


Gloves are a must for Christian brides, and it is a mark of social status and power. This can easily uplift your attitude as a bride, and your hands would stay unique in white.

Bridal Bouquet

Every accessory signifies different aspects. A bouquet brings happiness and satisfaction. Even the ribbon noted on it symbolizes fellowship. A bouquet is a collection of flowers and leaves, and each flower has a different theme. You have to choose a bouquet (color of flowers and shape of bouquet) in accordance with the dress theme.

At, Vintage Blossom, we are providing a suitable bouquet with your wedding dress based on your bridal wear theme.

The Footwears

Finally, the footwear you choose would take you to the complete look as a bride. Opt for your footwear wisely because you will have to stay for a long time on this, and it should also complement your dress. Before getting into the wrong decision, just ensure that it’s beautiful and easy to use for your day.

Wedding accessories have a vital role in bridal makeovers. It enhances the beauty and grants a perfect outlook for the bride. Apart from the beauty and elegance, it could also boost their personality as a bride.

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