Best Reception Outfits for Indian Brides

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The bride must always look her best since Indian wedding celebrations last for days on end, dividing it into two categories: the attire for the wedding and the attire for the reception. Most brides prefer to follow tradition and dress in something that honours their culture and ancestry for the main ceremony. Instead of wearing her traditional wedding attire to the reception, the bride can experiment with her appearance and present a more modern interpretation of her personal style.

Lehengas are no longer the only fashionable attire for the reception; you can also try a sari or choose a fancy gown. You can even use the hybrid gown-sari silhouette if you want to push the envelope a little further.

Indian traditional clothing known as sarees is ideal for receptions. They can be dressed up or down depending on the situation and are stylish and adaptable. Brides who wish to show off their traditional side while still looking lovely and sophisticated should wear sarees.

Ruffle sarees are fashionable right now if you like to challenge conventions. Put on a ready-made ruffle saree and discard your chunky jewellery and other bridal clothes. Put on some eye-catching jewellery, style your hair in a sleek ponytail, and let the pattern steal the show.

Lehenga sarees, one of the newest trends in ethnic clothing, were inspired by the conventional South Indian half-saree outfit. The saree lehenga trend combines lehengas’ ease of wear with sarees’ grandeur. Our favourite lehenga-saree of all time is a stunning golden garment. The gorgeous golden belt and printed dupatta, which perfectly complement the beaded gown, are the focal points of the ensemble. Choose this outfit to bring out your inner diva!

The Indian bride’s standout accessory is the cape! One can be worn in a variety of ways. Choose a light gossamer cape in a breezy print that can be put over a crop top and sharara combination, or pair a lavishly adorned cape with your sangeet lehenga in place of a dupatta.

Gowns are ideal for brides who seek a more westernised appearance because they come in a variety of designs, from classic to modern. A custom traditional crimson wedding dress with golden adornments has to be #1 on your list!

Discover a silver-embroidered, anarkali-based gown. For the sangeet night or reception party, the gown is even more lovely with the net sleeves!

Some off-white gown with hooded sleeves and tassel accents is unquestionably a must-try for all the unconventional brides out there because we know you need something different from the others.

The top choices you can explore are the Long-Trail Gown, Ruffles & Frills Gown, Off-Shoulder Gown, Lace-Sleeved Gown, Saree-Gown, Floral Cutwork Gown, and Zig-Zag Pattern Gown. We offer the exclusive styles of Wedding Reception/Evening Gowns in Kerala, which are perfect for brides who want to showcase their modern and elegant side.

Lehengas are a traditional choice for a wedding reception since they impart a royal and classic appearance to your attire. It comes in a variety of hues and patterns and consists of a long skirt and a short blouse. Brides who wish to show off their traditional side while yet looking fashionable and exquisite may choose lehenga cholis. Since bridal lehengas are light and portable, you can move freely while wearing this style. If you think #Twinning, consider a lehenga because there are many different design options to choose from to match your future husband. Any body type may wear a lehenga and look stunning and sophisticated.

Floor-length anarkali suits, the newest traditional attire, are a popular choice for receptions. They are made up of fitting pants and a long, flowing top. They are ideal for brides who prefer a traditional yet contemporary style and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Brides who wish to show off their traditional side while still looking fashionable and attractive might consider anarkali outfits.

Whether you choose a any of the outfits, ladies, you will look incredibly lovely. Decide on the silhouette that will make you appear the most beautiful on your wedding day, and stick with it! Vintage Blossom introduces latest designs of Indian Wedding Reception Outfits in Kerala. Our teams of professional experts are ready to design your dream wedding reception outfit. Book an appointment and choose the best style for you!

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